About Us



TAF Logistics starts in 2013 with the acquisition of its first truck. Three years later, in 2016 TAF Logistics LLC was born, thereby expanding its truck fleet. At first, the company only engages in local freight transport but soon expands into domestic markets obtaining routes throughout the southern border strip.



To be the leading land cargo transportation company, providing quality service with the best materials and human team by prioritizing the safety of the products and timely deliveries.



Become a world class freight transport services company, providing security in our trips with the capacity and service required by our clients. Growing and improving continuously on the behalf of our customers, suppliers and employees.”





These are our most frequent  routes:

  • Arizona
  • Northern California – Southern California
  • Nevada
  • New México
  • Texas

We travel ALL across the country


1. Continuous process improvement.


2. Continuous customer satisfaction index improvement.

3. Compliance with legal regulations.